Whereas Water is STANDARD, we are able to provide whatever has been communicated to us in the planning process.

From chilled Champagne, to Milk and Cookies for children. Our standard is to meet your needs from the onset.

This is of course in addition to the amenities of our fleet of new SUV’s, which include backseat video monitors and WiFi.

What kind of safety could we assure without them? 100%. Once again, this would be assured of in the planning itinerary phase of your services.

Absolutely! SISPIMX prides ourselves with offering the ONLY LEGALLY APPROVED armed security firm in Baja California Sur. However, some clientele  may not find the service necessary.  Having a client base consisting of many that are accustomed to armed security, we are able to assure a seamless interaction with what may be their own personal security at times. And for those that do not require that level, we bring the same service to their needs as well.

Yes, by way of coordinated partnerships. The SISPIMX way is to exceed all expectations one may have had of a security and transportation service.

On our HOMEPAGE under “LUXURY DESTINATION MANAGEMENT” we explain in greater detail what we can provide in terms of events.

In addition to coordinating with the many “5-Star Hotels” we have listed, SISPIMX operates a sister company called PACIFIC PROPERTY MANAGEMENT.

This arm of the SISPIMX family manages and operates the availability of some of the most EXCLUSIVE private properties in Cabo. 

These properties are available for special events, in concert with the same security aspects from SISPIMX.

SISPIMX has also increased greatly our Social Media presence. We have done our due diligence, and vetted the absolute BEST of service providers for any occasion. We encourage you to visit our sites, and see recommended restaurants, activities, wedding planners, caterers, or any other need we are made aware of in the planning phase. Please visit FACEBOOK, and INSTAGRAM.

Even the best laid plans can experience unexpected deviations. SISPIMX is aware of that and is prepared to do what is necessary to adapt to these changes if they occur. Our only stipulation is, if a change in destination or time of service is being requested, it needs to be made formally via e-mail  from the CLIENT OF RECORD, who MUST BE OVER (21) years of age. This is mandated for the protection of BOTH our clients and staff. No changes in itinerary requested by anyone else can occur.

As we hope you have learned through our site, Cabo has experienced monumental growth and appeal as a luxury location. As such, the number of people who own properties either for income generation or merely a vacation home has increased exponentially. This has created a growing  number of guests who return more than once or twice a year. We say at SISPIMX, “we don’t want you once, we want you always“. For these people we offer the ability to purchase PRE-PAID HOURS with scheduling priority by becoming a SISPIMX ELITE member. Discuss this option with your Sales Representative if you visit us often.