Our Team​


Marco Sánchez Cabrera

Founder- President SISPIMX

With more than 20 years of experience in the service industry, overseeing some of the most high-end luxury resorts in Los Cabos, like “The One & Only”, I learned that security and service can be combined to deliver the highest possible result. The result of this vision is SISPI.MX. I began this course while managing a USA-based company and only 4 employees. Over the years, as Cabo has grown, so has SISPI.MX. Today we comprise 400 employees, with operations extending to Mexico City, Guadalajara, Coahuila, Durango, Tulum, Playa, Cancun, and of course Baja California Sur.

My company and vision have become an icon in the High-End Luxury community. Consistently providing the most reliable services, to the most expectant of guests. This demographic extends to those in the political, entertainment, sports, and economic and oil industries. I was able to realize a long time ago, that the socio-economic destination that Baja California Sur, and especially Cabo was becoming as not only a “regional”, but a WORLDWIDE must-see locale. SISPI.MX has since formed a sister company, PACIFIC PROPERTY MANAGEMENT, to personally handle some of the most beautiful and exclusive properties in the Western Hemisphere. I have, by design, distanced SISPI.MX from the AIR BNB, and HomeAway vacation portals, and center on properties suitable for Galas, Weddings, and other large-scale celebrations.

Setting the bar to perfection has become our gold standard. Always seeking ways to improve the organization by adding additional services, hiring the best of staff, and being on the cutting edge of compliance and training to never have a dip in service.

Using foresight and compliance, SISPI.MX is educated on the expectations of our clientele and visitors to Mexico. We cater to the assurances they desire, and our people make the entire experience seamless. Through Government cooperation and maintaining an impeccable reputation, we have made SISPI.MX is the ONLY legally armed and licensed private security firm in Baja California Sur. In addition, our fleet of luxury SUVs are equipped with government-issued plates, that identify our vehicles as used in a High-End security operation. SISPI.MX has soared past others in terms of the sophistication of how we operate in the luxury business space. There is not a stone left unturned. Implementing military-fashioned training, Emergency medical procedures, defensive driving, and operating protocols second to none in Mexico. Whether travelling through SJD International Airport, or via Private Jet, SISPI.MX will be awaiting your arrival.

SISPI.MX has undergone a re-banding of precisely what we offer, and in doing so has increased our Social Media presence accordingly. Leadership encourages potential visitors both old and new to visit our sites on FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM, and LINKED IN.

I was not content with merely running a business in the status quo. My vision was to provide all tourists and ex-pats either returning to our beautiful shores or arriving for the first time, to never experience a drop in expectations. We don’t want you once, we want you always.

Baja California Sur is one of the MOST BEAUTIFUL PLACES ON EARTH, let SISPI.MX allow you to enjoy paradise free of any concerns.


Marco Sanchez-Cabrera

Edward dePasquale
US liaison; SR Compliance/Operations

Edward is a US citizen, yet a resident of San Jose del Cabo. He has attained a pedigree of working, planning, and executing high level security details and destination management since 2005.  He has attained a Six Sigma Black Belt in Military Level logistics and supply chain planning. In addition to PUBLIC MANAGEMENT from FAU University 1993. Projects inclusive in scope of: Miami Heat Championship Party 2006, Women’s Fitness Magazine Gala-Versace Mansion 2005, PGA Championships Winged Foot, NY 2006, AmeriPrise Financial Annual Awards, Toronto,Canada. 2006, REMAX North America Awards 2007, Montego Bay, Jamaica, DCOTA JAGUAR debut 2007. In addition, there were multiple private events such as celebrity Weddings, and Birthday parties. In doing so, he planned security at such venues as The Rogers Center, Vizcaya in Miami, and (5) star Hotels like Mandarin Oriental, Fountainebleu, Carrillon Beach, and Lowes, to name a few. He is military trained in the use of side arms of multiple calibers, and fully automatic long arm weapons.  In 2007, he started his own company, English Bull Consulting and Fraud Auditing. For (14) years he investigated and formed indictments against Financial criminals arising from the Economic meltdown caused by the US real estate collapse. His firm was hired by Private Equity Firms, Hedge Funds, Angel Investors, Celebrities and Sports Figures among others, who were victims of criminal theft. In doing so, he worked directly with criminal enforcement GLOBALLY to reverse engineer Ponzi Schemes and Felony Fraud. Of the (11) cases he was engaged to participate in, ALL were victorious. He has partnered with the FBI, USDOJ, SEC, FTC, IRS,FINRA, and INTERPOL. ALL were either settled through Arbitration, or the DEFENDANTS chose to pursue trial and go to Adjudication. In those instances he maintained a 100% conviction rate. ALL were found GUILTY in Federal Criminal Court and sent to prison. In cases Edward was attached to, more than ($196 Million USD) was returned to victims, and (96.5 Years of FEDERAL prison time was applied). His cases have been covered in depth in magazine features, and his testimony is considered that of an “Expert Witness” for prosecutions. He has since semi-retired and relocated to Mexico in 2017. He is heavily involved in philanthropy for endangered wildlife and has been a practitioner and teacher of Muay Thai kickboxing to children for the past 3 years. Upon meeting with our owner, he decided to consult exclusively for SISPI MX.

Sebastien Agnes

Master Chef

Exclusive Director Of Private Catering/Special Events

As we progress through the re-branding and re-classification from SISPIMX from being a “Security” corporation to the most comprehensive and complete LUXURY DESTINATION MANAGEMENT firm in Mexico, every last detail requires attention from the highest level of service.
Our clientele demographic is accustomed to and expects a level of attention that addresses all aspects of their stay in Mexico.
With the State of Baja California Sur comprising the highest accumulation of 5-star Luxury accommodations, we place enhanced emphasis on being the absolute BEST service provider in this exclusive area of leisure.

As such, we are prepared to offer the highest level of culinary and catering services directly through SISPSMX or PACIFIC PROPERTY.

Sebastien Agnes is a classically trained Master Chef from Paris, France. And for our clientele that wish to have an event catered, or not leave the property while on vacation, can have their entire daily menu designed, and planned to perfection by Sebastien.

We are able to provide 5-star catering via Air, Sea, and Land. We are limited by nothing to meet your needs.

Preserving and spreading the French culinary arts, encouraging training in cuisine and assisting professional developments, as a member of the Maitres Cuisiniers de France *Master Chef of France”. However, Sebastien is not typecasted into one area of cuisine.
As the present owner of “BISTRO by Sebastien Agnes” in the high-end Zona Hotelera in San Jose del Cabo, he has created a menu true to his roots, while embracing all of the great seafood available in the waters of Cabo.

Despite the success, he remains an ambitious, multi-skilled Executive Chef who has accumulated over 20 years of hospitality experience gained with internationally Acclaimed Chefs worldwide. While in France, French Polynesia, the USA, Asia, the Bahamas, and now based in Cabo, his desire for personal creations with vision and passion keeps him motivated.

His pedigree has seen him lead culinary direction at some of the highest-rated resort kitchens in the world.


He also has been featured in One&Only Palmilla Ranked #1 in Mexico by Travel&Leisure Magazine
One&Only Palmilla Ranked #1 in Mexico’s Baja Region by Condé Nast Traveler Readers
Nominated for Travel+Leisure Mexico´s 2014 Gourmet Awards – Best Hotel Restaurant.
He completed his professional training at the prestigious Brevet d’Etudes Professional (BEP) option Culinary arts at Lycée d’Hôtellerie et de Tourisme de Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines France 1998
Certificated Aptitude Professional (CAP) option Culinary arts at Lycée d’Hôtellerie et de Tourisme de Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines France 1998.
Having a Chef like Sebastien overseeing the dining experiences of our guests is perhaps the greatest example of the increased focus on providing the SAFEST, MOST EXCLUSIVE, and MOST COORDINATED DESTINATION SERVICES that only SISPIMX can truly and legally deliver.

Catherine Vergara Director of Marketing and Social Media

Catherine Vergara is a seasoned professional with a wealth of experience and expertise in communications, marketing, and sales. With a background in Social Communication and an MBA, Catherine brings a unique blend of creativity and strategic thinking to the table. Her career spans various industries, including media, luxury hospitality, and real estate, where she has successfully developed and executed comprehensive marketing and communication strategies.

Catherine’s passion for storytelling and her ability to connect with diverse audiences have consistently driven brand awareness and revenue growth. With a proven track record of delivering results, she is committed to elevating brands and exceeding expectations in every project she undertakes.

In her role as Director of Marketing and Social Media, she is tasked with using her skills to communicate what separates SISPIMX from other Destination Management and Personal Security providers in Mexico, and in particular Baja California Sur. With a solid and frequent internet presence that evolves in the same way SISPIMX does, it will be easy to see what makes us your choice when you expect and are accustomed to the highest and most professional level of service available.

Catherine is fully Bi-lingual in Spanish and English.

Orlando Moreno

Director of Destination Management; SISPI MX/PACIFIC PROPERTY

Born in Cuba, Orlando migrated to the U.S. at the young age of eight years old in 1980. Grew up in Southern California and moved to Texas in 1990 where he finished both High School and college at the University of Texas Arlington in 1997 with a B.B.A in International Business.

Given that Orlando speaks both English and Spanish fluently, he has worked for three major international companies like Diversey in both the U.S and Colombia, Ecolab in the U.S and Mexico, and Karcher, also in the U.S, Mexico, and Germany, plus owning a building cleaning company in Texas.

Orlando enjoys seeing his children grow while spending time with his family and friends, hanging out at the beach and has a big passion for motorcycle road Racing.
Given the experience and knowledge in customer service that Orlando brings to the table, it would be an asset for anyone wanting to go into a luxury destination in Mexico to join SISPIMX/PACIFIC P.M RENTALS.