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There are so many “charities” in this world. And I am not trying to minimize the actions and efforts of extremely caring and kind people. People who make true sacrifices of life and comfort and money for the betterment of the planet as a whole. MEDICAL, HUMAN RIGHTS, HUNGER, DISEASE, ENVIRONMENTAL, and “Yes” WILDLIFE. I am of the opinion that ALL of these causes hold value, and more importantly, exhibit to a very apathetic and disillusioned world at times, that there are GOOD people on this planet. People who are not fully self-absorbed, people who care about the next generation of children, people who care when animals we did NOT create are arbitrarily hunted to EXTINCTION for money and profit. Something with SENTIENCE, that is denied the right to live a peaceful life. More on that word further down. 
They say the only thing that matters on the S.A.T test is the MATH because everything else can be manipulated. I agree. In this case, the MATH is actually pretty simple.
Since 1970, a number widely recognized by various think tanks of the planet. EARTH has lost through various methods, 70% of LIFE. I was born in 1970, so through the love of my parents, a little carbon dioxide emanating consumer was brought into this world. I had a nice life. Filled with many memories. I was a good kid. As I got older, my Mother, the educational and love side of my familial union, had me read quite a bit. This was long before streaming, computers, or even cable for that matter. I had (4) TV channels and a book. But Mom had a subscription to “National Geographic“. And after I got the thrill of seeing waist length breasts, I would indeed READ, Boy did I READ.I read to the point I could correct my science teachers,(and got in trouble for doing so). On my 11th Christmas, we would spend it with my Aunt as she had by far the nicest home. Multi-million dollar home by today’s standards. And it was on the water, surrounded by fruit trees. 

She had a coffee table book I would always look at while waiting for the marshmallow to melt over the yams. 

The Tree Where Man Was Born” by Peter Matthiessen and “The Africa Experience” are the photo aspects of the book by renowned photographer Eliot Porter. Well, I imagine after 3-4 years of taking not-so-subtle hints, my Aunt Dorothy told me that I could have it. I don’t recall what else I got for Christmas that year, but I remember that book. kept the magic I felt from looking at those pictures and reading that book, maybe that disgusting number would not be 70%. See a little thing called “life” happened. And as a young, working middle-class, recently married, white American, I played my part in it. Sports, Barbecues, Holidays, Going to the beach. The 70’s and 80’s were great. At least through the eyes of this skinny Italian kid.

But one day a spark ignited in me that changed me forever. Even my sister remembers it as clear as day. We were eating breakfast and my Dad was watching “The Today Show”. And out of goddamn nowhere, with little pre-warning, they started doing a story on the annual Canadian seal culls in Newfoundland. There on are wooden box tube television with rabbit ears, I saw a seal look up in the air screaming, and get battered in the head with a baseball back with an axe pick on it. In life, I later learned this was called a “hakapik“. An oddly appropriate name given the intent of the tool. My sister yelled “Change it”, but I was already scarred. Simply no other way to put it but scarred. This happened decades ago, yet the scar still remained. The common self-thought question is “Somebody has to be doing something about this“.  And people indeed were, Great people trying their level best to fight an unwinnable war.

Some shit you just can’t unsee. Which most of you will learn later in life. But the spark was indeed lit in me because of what I SAW. Nobody as long as I live will be able to convince me I did not see FEAR of DEATH in the eyes of that seal before the “Hakapik” hit her skull. Or the trail of blood that briefly followed her as she left the side of her pup, only to be finished off a few seconds later. For me, at that age, it was the most brutal thing I ever saw. Like I said, “scarred” into my brain. 
So this “spark” came to energize me again in 1990, as every time I drove to work I had to pass this shitty kind of oddly racist-looking citrus grove located off the highway. Florida is filled with these “roadside” attractions that look like they are out of a Tobe Hooper movie. Well, every day I would drive my Mitsubishi Eclipse and pass this Black Bear in a concrete cell with a tire hanging from a chain. In all my years of seeing him, I only saw one activity. Walking from one side of the cage to the other with a chain around its neck. Period. I’m not saying it “never” did anything else. I’m saying “I NEVER SAW IT DO ANYTHING ELSE”. Back then everyone did not have a computer in the palm of their hand, and not everyone at the job had internet access. It was that dial-up shit anyway, so by the time you mailed something it arrived about the same time. Well, I started to write literally every day to the “Fort. Lauderdale News Sun-Sentinel” LOCAL section. I can’t tell you to whom, and I can’t tell you how many it took, but they did reply. I was told that my letters were not the only ones being received about this bear, but it fell under the purview of the Florida Department of Fish and Game, and that the owners were not doing anything illegal as the animal was examined as required and deemed “in good health”. I wonder if they used a psychologist, as I have PTSD, Severe Acute Depression, and am a recovering addict from Benzodiazepines and painkillers for 23 years. And that is EXACTLY the behavior I exhibited when I was hospitalized. In any event, I will let you Google and look this up yourself, as eventually GOOD beat EVIL, and the owners elected to give this Bear up to a sanctuary in central Florida and allow this living, feeling, animal, to live its life out with a degree of freedom, dignity, and peace.  
Ok, NEW MEMBERS- that brings us to that word I used earlier. SENTIENCE. What does it mean and how does it apply so importantly to what wants to accomplish? In the most simple of terms, so everyone can understand, it is not some new “woke” term that is being told to you to try to make you feel uninformed or dull. It is just a word, one we should not be afraid of when making our decisions in life. The definition is ” a conscious living organism that has shown and clearly demonstrated the ability to experience feelings and sensations, Something sentient can feel love, fear, anguish, compassion, loneliness, anger, rage, and most importantly pain.” On this site I will show you with absolutely no ambiguity that animals possess this recognition. With that in mind, do they not deserve the same respect and right to live in peace that (Homo Sapiens) do?  believes they do.
So, the GOAL of EVERY MEMBER is to understand and adhere to that line of thinking. As I stated, the established method of saving these animals has failed from a philanthropic level, and been hidden on the POLITICAL LEVEL. Thus my statement that I am certain will piss some people off. I hope not, but c’mon people??
Speaking for the detractors. “Ok, you bald, tattooed, Guido. if you are so goddamn smart what is  going to do differently?”
I’ll go back to the MATH- if you have been playing a game for over 50 years and getting your ASS handed to you, then you either quit the game or change the rules, because those are Casino odds. Every year the working middle class sees that commercial with the dogs in cages and the Sarah Mac Lachlan song playing, and we cry. We cry because it’s heartbreaking. It is getting the response desired. But if nothing changes, what good is it? We write a $25 check, feel good about ourselves for a minute, and meanwhile puppies are getting gassed at mills before the ink is dry. We are fighting a billion-dollar industry. You don’t bring a slingshot to a gunfight. I’ll go further, Paul Watson is a hero of mine. Some don’t think so, I do. He was castigated by not one but (2) organizations because they felt his methods were too brazen. I don’t think we are BRAZEN enough. It reverts back to SENTIENCE. Who the fuck are we as (HOMO SAPIENS) the self-appointed determiners of the future of a SHARED PLANET?  The rules are set up for the GOOD to FAIL and the EVIL to continue to kill the animals and the health of the Earth. 
There is also the CORPORTIZATION of charities. With huge facilities and Board salaries. My Board Members are crazy intelligent and have no salary. My office is my desk. Visit us on Social Media to see.
How many mugs and T-shirts will it take to stop killing Rhinos when Rhino horn is $44,00 an ounce?  How many $25 checks will it take when the world kills 300 MILLION sharks a year? Even worse, with charities corporatized the opportunity for malfeasance is created. All the while making no progress. 70% is 70%. That small donation is purely self-serving as it makes you feel good for a moment because you have a conscience, but in reality, it does nothing. 70% is 70%
Yet every year the “working class” sees these commercials. Playing on your disgust and pain. Why is the working class making the donations? Each year the gap between wealth widens. 1% of the world accounts for 99% of the Wealth!!!!! If it is down between rising rent, property taxes, or a gallon of milk, where are those donations gonna go? I am not saying the wealthy are not philanthropic. But in this respect, it simply has not been enough
But if (the 1% controls the other 99%) how can we ever make a real difference?
Greed and Avarice are killing the planet. CHARITES as currently operating don’t work. Many, many great humans have dedicated their lives to saving wildlife, but the world is destined to make them fail. Small achievements wrapped and dwarfed around massive failures.
was not formed to become a charity. WE ARE CHANGING CHARITY.  WE DON’T WANT YOUR MONEY!!!!!!!!!!!  EVER.
Educate yourselves on our site. Read how the corporations and the WEALTHY are slowly murdering us. Know the facts, we will FIGHT.
We will change the way the 1% looks at us. Show me another country that pays you to be poor!!! Does everyone like to use the term “woke”? Well, WAKE THE F—K UP Gen-Z, and Millennials. The groups before you already FAILED. 70%. Next time you bring home a 30% just say “At least I didn’t murder the planet”. Then get slapped. But you will still be right. 
Followers, Influencers, YouTubers, Facebookers, Instagrammers, X’ers, Tik-Tokkers– WE ARE THE MONEY!!!!!! Just JOIN. Just CLICK. 
Your generations, the ones that have become aggravated by the greed, the stress of just getting by, the lack of opportunities to have your piece of the 1% pie. The ones that won’t have Social Security at this rate. isn’t coming to you to solve this problem when life is hard enough. No envelopes in the mail showing hungry puppies, or dead wildlife. Of course, it’s horrible. Of course, it’s sad. ONLY EVIL people would think it isn’t. But what you can give is NOT GOING TO CHANGE ANYTHING 
NO MONEY EVER ASKED from members. WE WILL MAKE THE GREEDY PAY. They get disgustingly rich off our purchases and rape the EARTH in the process. PLEASE JOIN THIS MOVEMENT.
NO FAKE CHARITIES- NO MANSIONS- NO HIDDEN MONEY.  EVERYTHING goes to the cause. Many, Many charities are LYING to us. We see it on GoFundMe every day. READ this site from cover to cover. EDUCATE your mind. And see these beautiful animals just begging us to save them. JOIN for the murdered animals, JOIN for cleaner oceans, JOIN for better air, JOIN to state that every living thing created by your GOD possesses an inalienable God-given right to not be EXTERMINATED from the EARTH by (Homo Sapiens). 
Simply JOIN- that’s it. I need a name and an e-mail. Read our newsletters, come to our rallies, and learn what is being done while the world watches TV. The 1% want things to continue the same way, they want the rest of the world ignorant and uninformed. Flatly, they want you stupid. Think of your children, think of your grandchildren, because after that, at the rate we are going there are NO GUARANTEES. 

I want 500 million members, and that is just a start, there are 8.1 Billion in the World. Enough to walk into the United Nations and say STOP KILLING THESE ANIMALS, OR WE WILL NEVER VISIT YOUR COUNTRY AGAIN.

Go to Madison Avenue, and say if you don’t stop giving CEOs $100 million dollar bonuses, we will NEVER BUY YOUR PRODUCTS.
STOP LETTING THEM USE US,  FIGHT WITH ME. PLEASE.  JUST JOIN. Use your REAL POWERYOUR INFLUENCEnot Money, to change the world. We simply can’t compete with a multi-billion DOLLAR enterprise that is aided by corrupt governments. Some tech junkies created Bitcoin, and there is suddenly a new currency. We are creating a new currency here. One is based on “VALUES” not “VALUE”.  Power the old-fashioned way, through the wishes of the people, not the wealth of the greedy.
The Earth is ours to share, PLEASE explore the website. You will see animals in a whole new light. My board is filled with geniuses. We are funny- we are smart- and we are MAD AS HELL. I’m asking you to change your entertainment schedule for one night and read this site. If afterward, nothing bothers you, go back to “The Masked Singer” or “Love Island”. 

Please learn the FACTS and win ANY argument with these assholes. The paradigm of control truly hasn’t changed for centuries. It has merely expanded. There was a time when the only cultures and races that had money were the WHITE EUROS. And they spent hundreds of years traveling the world in a spree of cultural genocide that killed anything, any culture, or any race of color not like them. It still happens today. THERE ARE MORE SLAVES IN THE WORLD NOW THAN THERE WAS DURING THE PERIOD OF SLAVERY.

It is still the RICH taking advantage of the POOR. I am of the opinion that a man does not set out to be a “poacher”. As they are not making a real profit from the actions they take, yet assume all the risk. I am quite certain that many of them would want a normal job or work a respected trade, yet none are available to them. They are risking the very lives they have to try to provide for their family. All so someone of EXTREME WEALTH can eat the Heart of a Tiger, or drink the powder of a Rhino horn. This $23 BILLION untaxed, unenforced properly across the board, that ONLY benefits those that are already wealthy, with the noted exception of the economic slaves or “poachers” that are USED to provide this service.
The EARTH is ours to share.  And if you plan to have grandchildren, show them their grandparents were FIGHTERS.

My board members and myself, feel this is the only way we can shift the balance of power in our favor.

To provide power where we currently have none.  To give us a voice where we are currently muted. To NOT play by the same rules laid out before for us to follow.
Millennials, GEN-Zers. You are the first true generation of a borderless world from a technology standpoint. ALL of you can truly be recognized by a single CLICK.
I am extremely passionate about this cause. Yet I had a great conversation with a friend the other night and I paused for some introspection. 
My cause does not necessarily mean it is yours. “OPERATION TRIAGE” is only the first of (3) planned projects we intend to embark on in 2024.
I would merely ask you to peruse my site and open the tabs provided. Be exposed and educated to the things that piss us off, and determine for yourself if it is something you feel equally motivated to change.
If not, then I pray you find that thing that will fill your soul and promote you to be the best version of who you think you can be. 
All my love and respect for reading this information. JUST WATCH WHAT WE DO.
How is different from other conservation efforts?
We take on one cause at a time. Set a directive for said cause Then work tirelessly to achieve not taking on more than we can affect positively in the shortest amount of time. 
Our vision is 100% CLEAR and FOCUSSED- We are banded together by the basic and underlying belief that ( Homo Sapiens ) DO NOT possess the right for any reason to arbitrarily EXTERMINATE or MAKE EXTINCT any other living thing on the planet! 70% is FAR TOO HIGH and IMMEDIACY is REQUIRED. Through EDUCATION primarily, our aim is to coordinate precise demands of positive involvement that benefit the EARTH as whole. By planning individual operations, the success or failure of our efforts will be recorded one objective at a time. The EARTH was made correctly. There is a common connection through almost all living things that creates a balance that allows the planet to live at optimum efficiency. Land depletion affects oxygen, bycatch affects the entire ocean and alters the balance of predatorial hierarchy of eco-systems, and the killing and torturing of SENTIENT creatures for amusement or financial gain is an undeserved, unethical, and unacceptable practice to allow to continue. is not going to out earn, out raise, out pay, or out maneuver the status quo of how these issues are dealt with. That is what has occurred for half a century with deplorable results. We have NO FAITH in the powers that be. WE believe the system is broken by those unmotivated to change it. This beanstalk goes as high as WEALTHY INDIVIDUALS of the 1%, CORPORATE BEHEMOTHS EXPERIENCING TREMENDOUS GROWTH, ACTIVE FOUNDATIONS THAT ARE EITHER FAILING OR UNDERFUNDED WITHOUT THE CAPITAL TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE, COMPLICIT GOVERNMENTS THAT BENEFIT THROUGH BOTH POOR ENFORCEMENT OF EXISTING LAWS AND REFUSAL TO MAKE THEM HARSHER, and as far up as THE VATICAN, THE DALAI LLAMA, and all other RELIGOUS LEADERS WHO HAVE THE PLATFORM TO MAKE A CHANGE.
Our method is as simple as it is to understand. as it is to join. WE do NOT want the Earth to die in the lifetimes of our grandchildren. WE will NEVER be part of the 1%WE DO NOT have the benefit of time to fight. There are TWO TYPES of people in this WORLD – those living lavishly and comfortable for generations, and those struggling to get by in an ever changing economy that is simply pricing them out.
recognized this and quit the bullshit with the selling swag and asking for donations.  70% is 70%.
As a result of ALL of the things stated above, we are coordinating a power shift. WE are playing your game now, With the full and transparent understanding of there is only one thing of ours that is of any interest to you, OUR MONEY as CONSUMERS, and our commitment to your BRANDS.  
So from that standpoint understanding is easy. It will not happen overnight, There will be no quick paths to victory, But quite simply, we are NO LONGER ASKING. Our goal is to work with the people that have the power and financial resources to foster the positive changes to ensure the health of our planet and the assurance of the right to live for creatures facing extinction, or we will retaliate your inaction with ours. WE WILL CALL FOR, PLAN, AND ORGANIZE WORLDWIDE BOYCOTTS  of GREEDY and UNWILLING OFFENDERS who choose not to compromise. WE will hit you where it hurts. WE promise to ask once nicely.
will not and does not profess to be a lifestyle change charity. We do not demand you are a Vegan or a Vegetarian. To clarify- is comprised to protect and save species that are in danger or peril of having numbers so low their very existence is threatened. “War is-a grave affair of state, It is a place of life and death. A road- to survival or extinction. A matter to be pondered carefully”  SUN-TZU.  We loosely translate that as a “war” is only a “war” when there exists a chance to win. Hence “pondered carefully”.There are as mentioned many charities in the world that address many aspects of animal rights and conservation that we will not. is of the opinion, that (Homo Sapiens) will never stop being carnivores and will always eat red meat. When the world ends, someone will have a hamburger in their hand. That is hard to argue. Throughout the beginning of civilization, there has always been livestock defined animals that have existed to serve mankind.   100% supports the ethical and humane processing of these meats, and as such ‘boycotts” VEAL.And in line with our ethos, focus efforts on animals in peril of EXTINCTION due to Wealth, Greed, and Opulence
Cattle, Chickens, Turkeys, and Pigs do not fall into that category. Thus making consumption of them a personal choice. This is a cause that PETA has become a standard bearer in this regard, and if that is something you feel strongly about, we encourage you to visit their information. While recognizing the SENTIENCE these animals feel pain, the decision of your diet is not a factor of membership when the future of the species is not at risk. While we would prefer you don’t cause pain when there are healthy alternatives not to, the ASK is unrealistic and short sighted. The economic drain that would result in the cessation of this industry would create a welfare state. It is in line with solar powered cars. The technology has been around for decades, But what happens to the economic drain that comes from the cessation of oil and gasoline and the no further need for it? Where do those billions of jobs go? I know I’m smart, but there are those much smarter.    encourages you to watch the movie “ELYSIUM“, Directed by NEIL BLONKAMP. You’ll like it MATT DAMON is the star. PLEASE watch it and calmly ask yourself, how many generations away do you feel civilization is from that scenario? I think it is as close to a peek at the future as anything HG WELLS could provide.
is not against HUNTING. We are not trying to take the guns out of your hands and end the practice of hunting. As such, we support the “EAT WHAT YOU KILL” movement that exists in the United States. Deer, Pheasant, Turkey, Duck, are pre-eminent in American culture, and does hold a place in American history. And as is the case with livestock and commercial meat production, these animals numbers are in no way threatened, and in some cases require maintenance and population control. Responsible and legal hunting has it’s place in this world, especially if you are educated enough to utilize the entirety of the carcass.
is 100% against BIG GAME HUNTING, especially CANNED HUNTING and will do anything to stop the practice as it relates to ENDANGERED WILDLIFE.
The numbers produced over the years that try to make the argument that this practice is a boon to the economy to the nations that practice it are flawed and false. They never seem to ask the LION.  BIG GAME HUNTING is nothing more than the further exhibition of “White Wealthy Entitled Privilege”. Please visit the “Brutal Cultural Traditions” tab on our home page for more on this elitist activity. 
Above are photos of MASAI tribesmen who at the turn of the century would hunt Lions for food, and as a cultural passage, or if the Pride was too close to the village they lived in. As you can see, they ventured out into the bush in 130 degree heat, armed only with a spear and a shield. THESE are HUNTERS

While in 2023, you can be called a “BIG GAME HUNTER“, if you have around $45-50K for the price of the travel, permit, guide who knows exactly where the animal is, a nice outfit from Cabela’s, a JEEP or a HUMMER, then of course a large caliber rifle with a scope, most likely shooting 556 sized rounds, while literally in no danger at all.  Oh yeah. and a camera to take a picture of you to look like an entitled and rich ass clown with the dead carcass in front of you. ONLY 1% RICH ENTITLED WHITE PEOPLE  truly do this. No other group that has access to $45-50K disposable income money to spend would do this.100% “White Privilege”. Maybe the Chinese, Japanese, and Saudis might too, but I don’t need to look them up to know where the demand initiates from. Then they cut off the Lion tail and hold it. “WOW are you a tough hunter“. Don’t let the term “WHITE ELITIST WEALTHY AND PRIVLEGED” light FOX News on fire that is a POLITICAL site, with a POLITICAL agenda, 70% is 70% that means ALL FAILED. ALL POLITICAL FACTIONS, PARTIES, SUPER-PACS, LOBBIES, from ALL SIDES FAILED. It happened on ALL of your watches. So many other things to spend trillions on, like failed wars, increased defense spending, just among a few. I won’t let anyone prostitute our site into a political platform. That goes for the WORLD. I may be an AMERICAN, but you don’t hit numbers like that without a ton of cooperation. THE UNITED NATIONS, EEU, and all political administrations FAILED. Just tell me how you can defend that number.

Tell you what “hunters”, go to Tanzania. Get out of the air-conditioned JEEP CHEROKEE,take off your Crispi Nevada GTX’s, leave your Nosler M21 in the back seat. Then grab a spear and a shield. Make sure you look like “Cornel Wilde” in “NAKED PREY”, and bring back a picture like one from above. THEN,  I’ll call you a hunter. Until then “Pussy” will have to suffice. Great pics on the HOME page.
CANNED HUNTING is even more of a PATHETIC DISPLAY of sheer MURDER for PROFIT. To be clear on this HORRENDOUS practice. CANNED HUNTING takes place on private property, where some motherless piece of shit literally RAISES the ENDANGERED SPECIES on their property from calves, babies, and cubs. They learn absolutely ZERO defense techniques in this time, as they are fed to become mature. Like pets, they eat and drink and grow just like your own Golden Retriever. With the exception that when they are finally released into the private land it is not a ball they are catching. It’s a bow or a bullet to the head all for that life affirming picture to make you feel like you have accomplished something great. Again, this is NOT hunting, actually, it could not be further from it. Not only do you have a guide, on controlled and known terrain, with tactical weapons, you are simply looking to KILL an ENDANGERED SPECIES that has ZERO engrained and instinctive knowledge of how to defend itself. Your NOT a Hunter. Your actually someone with a sociopathic problem that simply needs to KILL another living creature. And the fact it is ENDANGERED merely adds the HUBRIS and VANITY to your already psychotic behavior. Again, NOT a Hunter. So until something better, “TREMENDOUS PUSSY” will do.