How we will save them

Well, MEMBERS, it won’t be easy as long as there is a DEMAND by the wealthy to obtain.
But it is NOT a futile effort if the POWER of our MEMBERSHIP GROWS YEARLY, and we have the RESOLVE to COMMIT to the PROCESS.
You can literally use the template laid forth in the Assam Region of India as the BLUEPRINT. The PUNISHMENT HAS TO EXCEED THE CRIME!
I want to survive and be a positive and galvanized force to be dealt with well after I am gone.
It is being set up for the long haul, and our efforts and work will be judged by RESULTS. The same measurement that is used in TESTS, WARS, COMPETITIONS, etc. ( 30%) is a FAIL. We are NOT seeking a “Participation Medal”.
The activities that negatively impact other creatures and the environment of EARTH go far beyond MONEY and POWER, and RELIGION.
But make no mistake MEMBERS this is indeed a WAR! And we are NOT declaring it. It has been going on for HUNDREDS of YEARS.
It is a war of ECONOMIC classism that DIVIDES rather than BRINGS TOGETHER. It’s the same playbook, just without bullets and flags.
The RICH feel protected and can buy their way out of anything, the CORRUPT feel insulated and protected by a political system that talks more than acts.
There remains an ingrained institution of NARCISSIM that has opportunities presented to them that others NEVER will be afforded.
I am nothing extraordinary. I have failed at many of the very things I wanted more than anything. My time on Earth has not been marked in any substantial way other than trying to be a good person. All the while, knowing I can do more. The extinction of “SUDAN” lit a fuse in me. It made me feel USELESS, USED, and PATHETIC. I could have said “Oh, that is really sad” and then just continued to watch “Game of Thrones“. Or I could think of what I can do to have a legacy of GOOD. For the love of GOD,…………NO MORE!!!!
NO MONETARY DONATIONS!!!!!  We will NEVER, simply EVER make a dent!  “THEY” like the way things are going exactly as they are. “THEY” are winning.
BUT AS I STATED, that (1%) to (99%) WORKS the other way too!!!!
Get them at the SUPERMARKET-   Get them at the DEPARTMENT STORES- Get them at the POLLING BOOTHS – Get them when you are PLANNING A VACATION – Get them with the POWER of YOUR WORDS and YOUR WILLINGNESS TO SPREAD THEM.
Teachers, Plumbers, Roofers, Electricians, Librarians, Landscapers, Factory Workers, Mechanics, Waitresses, Small Business Owners, Admins, Firefighters, First Responders, EVERYONE just trying to get by………I ASK YOU FOR NOTHING BUT YOUR HEART.  To look inside it and ask yourself if what is being done is MORALLY RIGHT?         SHOULD THE WEALTHY AND MOST PROSPEROUS PEOPLE ON EARTH CONTINUE TO DESTROY OUR PLANET WHILE WE WATCH THEM DO IT?      The answer to that question is the only requirement of .
It won’t happen overnight, and no change comes without resistance, but it starts with a CLICK.
I want your NAME and an E-MAIL.  End of story. I want your inclusion to MAKE them HEAR us, and give me the POWER to SPEAK.
Millennials and Gen-Z are the royalty of Social Media. If you enjoy the title INFLUENCER,  then FUCKIN “INFLUENCE“!!!!!!
Hold people, corporations, and governments, responsible for their actions.
Have EVERY SINGLE – YOU TUBE follower- FACEBOOK friend- X-follower- INSTAGRAMMER- or TIK-TOKKER  take (15) seconds out of their lives and join the fight for a KINDER, CLEANER, and SAFER Planet. That is all I ask. The fight is left for me.
Do you want to bring your child to a pond with no ducks or fish and filled with sewage?
Do you want to go to a beach you can’t swim in, or sand littered with needles and micro-plastics?
Do you want your grandkids to have no shot at a better life than you, and read about RHINOS,TIGERS, and ELEPHANTS, the way WE read about DINOSAURS? ( The meteor didn’t make a ROI on killing them. )
Once a MEMBER of get involved as much as you can. Organize in your own areas. Contact the Customer Relations of Corporations on their websites, and write to your elected officials for an on-the-record reply to our questions. Use YOUR POWER. 
You are the FUTURE………..let’s give it a chance.
Much love, stay inspired, and let’s WIN.
Eddie D,