Ineffective Political Actions and Failures by All Nations

It seems odd using this phrase, but let’s start with “The Elephant in the room“. And that is CHINA. The country of CHINA is by far and away the biggest CRIMINAL OFFENDER and threat to healthy life on EARTH that exists today. A COMMUNIST regime that routinely violates observed UN law and essentially does what it pleases.  
In 1993, CHINA banned TIGER BONE, IVORY, and RHINO HORN from International Trade, thus making it illegal to be in possession of this contraband. 
Please keep in mind, as we all know, that making something ILLEGAL does not stop it from occurring. Throughout the 25 years of this ban, CHINA remained the largest consumer and purchaser of these products via the emerging BLACK MARKET. In most cases it was not even hard to find within the wet markets of CHINA
That instance is a moot point as of this writing, because in 2018CHINA lifted said BAN and re-allowed for the legal trading of these items under what they termed loosely and insufficient as “special circumstances“.  I am going to focus on the TIGER, as CHINA is not home to “RHINOS” or “ELEPHANTS”, so the answer to that question is moronically apparent. The TIGER however is a different story.
Now what could be classified as “special circumstances” given CHINA’s record with the TIGER?
At one point in time, CHINA, and to be FAIR, ASIA –had more Tigers than anywhere in the WORLD. 
Point in fact, Asia is the indigenous habitat to ALL (9) species of TIGER that ever existed on the planet. ( With a few small exceptions).
I, started after seeing the photo of “Sudan“and EDUCATING MYSELF on the MASSIVE ” SMOKE and MIRRORS” PLAN being done to OUR planet.   EVERY SINGLE NON-WEALTHY, WORKING HUMAN should JOIN . PERIOD.  Our UNITY in NUMBERS is the ONLY WEAPON WE HAVE LEFT!   And of course,  MY number (70%) of LIFE since the year of my birth 1970.
You SEE how “RICH” and “WEALTHY” (1%)’s have their ASSES KISSED at a Restaurant? While working people are “hoping” for a BIG TIP. 
Imagine that happening on a GLOBAL WORLWIDE CONTROL SCALE, …that is why CHINA repealed the BAN, cause the (1%) wanted them to, PERIOD
Your ZEROES determine your chess piece people.
  • numbers reported were at the beginning of the Century (1900) to current day* cross referenced 

Bengal Tiger:    Wild Population: 100,000      Present day: 2,500

Siberian Tiger:                              100,000                               600

Sumatran Tiger:                            90,000                                400

Indochinese Tiger:                        75,000                                 350

Malayan Tiger:                                   40,000                                 150

Caspian Tiger:                              UNDEFINED                    EXTINCT-  ( 1970 )

Javan Tiger:                                   UNDEFINED                    EXTINCT-  ( 2003 )

Bali Tiger:                                      UNDEFINED                    EXTINCT-  ( 1950 )

So we can clearly and openly see what CHINA accomplishes when tasked with protecting the WORLDWIDE population of TIGERS.
Nothing is accomplished if LAWS are in place and not ENFORCED. And they are NOT.
CITES- ( Convention on International Trade of Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora ) is the INTERNATIONAL group of nations that are “supposed” to be meeting, agreeing, working, and solving these problems. THEY SUCK! More “smoke and mirrors” BULLSHIT.
A conglomeration of representatives from nations that meet EVERY 2-3 YEARS.  They should be meeting EVERDAY.
There are islands of “micro-plastics” bigger than US states in the Pacific. Do they think they get “smaller” in the passing time?
More PAID officials, that accomplish NOTHING.  That’s right, NOTHING.  These countries should be footing the bill on these issues, NOT
asking for DONATIONS from the general public.  That is why I say charities have failed, because how can they possibly be effective on such an un-even playing field?
And then we have the UN- United Nations. If that is not an oxymoron, I have never heard one. ALL gather and are concerned over self-interest, as opposed to the best for the planet as a whole. SHAME on ALL of them. The only thing that “unites” them, is the GREED to make money. 
THESE people and representatives have the POWER to enforce real CHANGE. The function of organized charities are essentially a band-aid to make a dent in the failures that these people could solve with REAL WORK, REAL PLANS, and REAL ENFORCEMENT. They don’t.
I want to end this section with an example of CAUSE and EFFECT as it relates to CONSEQUENCES in the enforcement of ENDANGERED SPECIES LAW.
With these examples I will attach the links to exhibit my point clearly as possible.
  1. In 2022 – NAMBIA overlooked the rule of CITES and sold (22) ELEPHANTS to the UAE (1%). The transaction went on with a brazen lack of transparency, and was said to generate ($402,000). So where is the PUNISHMENT?  Where is CITES?  They issued a “statement“. Please read link. 
($402,000) because they risked receiving a “statement“?   How many times do I say, the RICH are above the LAWZERO CONSEQUENCES 
2) In March of 2021 – Himanta Biswa Sarma, was elected Chief Minister of the Assam Region of India, home to one of the largest populations of INDIAN RHINO left in the Earth. In previous years, despite lands being protected, these animals were poached and slaughtered for their horn value on the BLACK MARKET. His primary focus on taking office was instituting a “ZERO TOLERANCE” stance on poaching in the region. A Special Director was appointed to oversee the initiative. Please read the link for the specifics, but the end result was for the FIRST TIME IN 45 YEARS NO RHINOS WERE POACHED OR KILLED. New protections were authorized, and shoot on site provisions were approved.  CONSEQUENCES