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SISPIMX is the ONLY LEGALLY RECOGNIZED AND APPROVED SECURITY PROVIDER TO HAVE AGENTS WITH FIREARMS IN THE ENTIRETY OF THE STATE OF BAJA CALIFORNIA SUR. If another provider is soliciting that they can provide this service, they are NOT being truthful.

We are approved to carry both sidearms and long arms with caliber limitations when contracted to provide that service.

Furthermore, ALL agents are subject to a thorough Background Check prior to hiring with SISPIMX. In addition to that mandatory step, ALL active agents that are approved for firearm carry, are subject to being PERFORMANCE and ACCURACY tested (2x) per YEAR. This includes not only the proper holding and operation of the weapon, but also the ability to take apart, re-assemble, and clean. We don’t merely hire people off the streets, hand them a gun, and permit them to protect our clientele.


Yet another benefit that is solely offered by SISPIMX in Baja California Sur. Our vehicles are approved and operate under Government allocated license plates that permit us to operate uninterrupted from being stopped during our route. They serve in the same manner as a Diplomatic or State tag, which identifies our vehicles to Law Enforcement as approved service providers.


Be it Airport to Hotel, Hotel to Restaurant, Meeting, or Private Event, SISPIMX has you covered. With our Pre-Planned Itinerary, we arrange a schedule to meet your individual needs during your stay. We are NOT a taxi service or company. Our priority is your safety and comfort while in Baja California Sur, and we provide that by adhering to a regimented and strict itinerary that YOU request. Any deviations or changes in the itinerary must first be requested and approved by the paying client through contacting our Customer Relations liaison at our Operation hub.

In addition to our personal fleet of Luxury Ground Vehicles, SISPIMX is proud to be a partner with FARRINGDON JET CHARTER This industry leader maintains a global operating fleet of over 10,000 private aircraft. With sizes and availability to meet all your luxury expectations. This synergy between private charter travel and our operations on the ground simply further demonstrates the network we have designed to cater to the high-end visitors to BAJA CALIFORNIA SUR and Mexico as a whole.


As we have covered, there are services provided by SISPI MX. of which we are the sole provider being able to offer. However, we have gone above and beyond to the clients that are accustomed to a higher and more comprehensive level of services.


This is a Pre-Paid Membership program in which the client can essentially plan their own itinerary and submit it PRIOR to their concierge via Pre-Paid Credits.
This service is designed around the clients that come to Cabo and Baja California Sur often. Be it they reside closely in the Western United States, or they own a second home or rental property they like to visit. This service can remove much of the last minute planning, or issues that may be occurring when clients are out of country. SISPIMX ELITE MEMBERS: receive an IMMEDIATE (20%) discount off services via inclusion in the program.


As the popularity and accessibility to San Jose del Cabo has grown, the development of Real Estate has done so as well. The entirety of Mexico has seen a sharp increase in international investment. The difference is in the demographics coupled with the economies of the geographical location. Mexico is a vast country. Flights to reach areas on the Eastern and Atlantic side of the nation are relatively short. For example, Cancun is a 90 minute direct flight from Miami. This has seen increased activity in areas like Tulum and Playa del Carmen over the years. As a result, those areas are more populated, more crowded, and the infrastructure has not kept up with the demand. To summarize it more directly, it is “cheaper” to visit those areas of Mexico, and they cater to the Eastern states that comprise the US. Baja California Sur, caters to a different demographic. The Western US contains states with the highest per capita income, and many own properties on the Pacific side of Mexico. The areas of Cabo are more of an “adult playground”, with whale watching, hiking, tennis, golf, and sport fishing just a few of the attractions and past times available. The marinas are filled with multi-million dollar yachts, and the area caters to a more adult and established client base. With that being said, the amount of properties owned by foreigners and locals alike for rental is very high and growing.

SISPI MX. recognizes the need to provide comfort and assurance that these properties are being monitored when they are vacant, or inhabited. Dependent on your needs, we can provide:

  1. Property Drive By’s: YOU decide the time and the frequency, and we will go and view the property, vehicles, boats, etc, while documenting any activity that is observed. We will take photos and forward to the client.
  2. Installation of CCTV system w/Online access: We can professionally install a web based platform in which the client can access online to view property for themselves.
  3. Trained Canine Patrol: On a larger compound or fenced in property, we can arrange a 24/7 canine patrol, where we check in and feed and care for the guard animals that protect your property.


While SISPIMX maintains a sterling relationship with all of the 5-star Resorts in Cabo, we are not unaware of the desire to arrange events that require a heightened level of privacy and confidentiality. Whether you are planning a private family getaway, a corporate business retreat, or some other special occasion, SISPIMX has raised the bar accordingly. Be it food you want while on a flight on a FARRINGDON CHARTER, a special menu for a day on a chartered YACHT, or a 5-course custom dining experience for your rented property. There is nothing outside your grasp.

SISPIMX has partnered with Chef Sebastien Agnes, to be able to cater to whatever dining experience you desire.

Many of our clients come to our firm for exclusivity and privacy. Thus, leaving the confines of the Villa property is not always sought after.

As such, SISPIMX and PACIFIC PROPERTY can provide any dining requirement throughout the duration of your time with us.


Nobody can anticipate and see the future. While plans are made to seek the best possible experience, medical issues can and often arise. An aspect of SISPIMX’s elite array of services is the ability to have 24 HR access to a concierge Doctor.

As opposed to transporting an ill or injured client while under our supervision, clients can choose to have a physician come to them.

If it is a matter of a minor illness or non-emergency injury, it can be treated in the room or residence where you are staying with complete privacy.

If it is determined by the Doctor that the incident requires a higher level of medical attention, SISPIMX is right there to ensure the transfer and movement of clients is done so in a professional and discreet manner.