Poaching for Black Market Trade

All remaining species hunted for “horns” that contain NO MEDICINAL VALUE at up to $44,000 per Kg.

Fueled by Asian opulence and sheer vanity. Killing endangered species has become a STATUS SYMBOL to bask in and show your wealth.

The animus and entitlement to feel that simply because your rich, you can exterminate a SENTIENT species from the planet.

I say this throughout my site—–WILDLIFE CHARITIES HAVE FAILED THEM! That sentence might make people mad. I may be underserving of saying it, let alone printing it. But I am NOT talking about the volunteers and the people. You people are like the “300” at Thermopylae. Giving your lives against insurmountable odds. It is the CONSTRUCT and FAILURE TO ALTER STRATEGY that has led to these deplorable numbers. Since poachers are not exactly worried about the animal, they are often alive and in extreme pain when they die as the poachers utilize a chainsaw to cut both horns off from between the eyes to the end of the snout. Not worrying if they cut of half the nose in the process. Thus leaving this amazing animal to suffer either through lack of oxygen, or choking on it’s on blood. Notice the baby calf, still waiting for it’s mother to get up after rigor mortis has already set in. REMEMBER this is entirely fueled by GREED of “TCM”- Traditional Chinese Medicine. Ancient and medically disproven myths that still exist in 2023. Where is the 1%   that could make a true difference and STOP this barbaric cruelty???   Nowhere, and they leave charities to make mugs and T-shirts to try to make a difference. If I ever catch a man with Rhino horn, I will choke the life right out of him. Consequences be damned.

**Viewer Discretion Advised: This content contains disturbing images.**