Traditional Chinese Medicine-TCM and Archaic Cultural Activities

This topic and section will most likely be the toughest to get through and even harder to understand how these things can STILL OCCUR.
The first THREE EDUCATIONAL TABS hopefully exposed clearly to those who were previously unaware of the HYPOCRITICAL, INEFFECTIVE, LAZY, PATRONIZING, INSULTING, MACHIVELLIAN, PRE-PLANNED, UNFAIR, CRIMINAL, DISMISSIVE, and OVERALL INSULTING MANNER in which those with POWER, INFLUENCE  and MONEY have treated THE EARTH, it’s WILDLIFE, and the (99%). I love that term “WOKE“, and to me, EVERY FUCKING ONE of you is SLEEPING.
  1. “BLACK MARKET POACHING”- that is a $23 BILLION a year criminal enterprise. Sponsored by the wealthy, to contribute to everything from slavery to terrorism. WARS have been started for less. 
  2. “WORLDWIDE CORPORATE GREED THAT CRUSH CHARITIES”- International corporations that “we” purchase products from that allow them to make insulting profits as the working class continues to suffer. Yet charities will still ask those with less to contribute to efforts that have essentially FAILED.
  3. Companies that actually RAPE, PILLAGE, KILL, and operate with no mandate to PROTECT the very thing that makes them money. Companies mostly controlled by ENTITLED and INHERITED WHITE WEALTH that further widen the economic gap throughout the entire world. “We expect that “they”, you know “they”?…. as in the UNIVERSAL “they”. “They” will hold them accountable and make sure that they don’t continue to get away with these things. But that does not happen. We still buy their shit no matter what they do.  THIS HAS TO STOP AS IT IS THE POWER BEHIND


These people are the ones that truly make me and should OFFEND and MAKE the PLANET SICK, as “THEY” have the ability and power to fix things for our future, and their “GREED” stops them every time.

The complete inaction and FAILURE of CITES as an oversight body. The people that work at these posts are PAID BY US. And once again, paid to FAIL. Nations going as far as to REMOVE and REVERSE ANIMAL RIGHTS LAWS in favor of MONEY. See “MEDIA” on the HOME page for examples of such.
One of the most recognized and powerful ANIMAL CHARITIES is the “WWF- World Wildlife Fund” – I don’t have the energy to point out what is so annoyingly obvious. Remember, we have lost (70%), and I will keep reminding all of that. When done reading this website at my desk at home, “Google” “WWF” and please hit “IMAGES“. Please view the “corporatization” of charities when shit goes bad. They make the mugs, they sell the shirts, all with a cute “Panda” on it. They also have spent MULTI-MILLIONS on new state-of-the-art headquarters all over the world. They look more similar to a “FOUR SEASONS” HOTEL than a non-profit ANIMAL CHARITY FOUNDATION. Then look up their released FINANCIALS for the BOARD OF DIRECTORS. More “7” and “6” digit salaries for so many people with nice titles. ONCE AGAIN, paid to FAIL.  Guess my BOARD of DIRECTORS’ salaries for ? If you do poorly at your job you generally get FIRED. If productivity at a (1%) company was down (70%) I’m sure someone would get a “write-up”. Not the (1%) they get rewarded. See, the irony of the WWF, is they also have found a way to NOT maximize what is raised, but found a way to PROFIT off the very practice they profess to stop. CORPORATIZED CHARITY.  I feel the “WOKE” already.
The next (2) tabs, are for me “personally” the hardest to openly discuss prompting an emotional reaction. The reason from my standpoint, is that they cover the ARROGANCE, AUDACITY, ENTITLEMENT, and HUBRIS of being a Human Being.


OK, now this is the absolute WORST of what  has to stare down and try to stop. I apologize on behalf of all mankind because reading the TRUTH of what those with POWER allow to HAPPEN and CONTINUE, will make you ASHAMED to be a human.


“The biggest Crock of Brutal and Abhorrent Pseudo-Science SHIT in the World”

This practice, justified by centuries worth of medically unproven beliefs and cultural acceptance, has FUELED the “$ 23 BILLION BLACK MARKET CRIMINAL ENTERPRISE”- taken advantage of impoverished nations and their people- and has single-handedly led to the EXTINCTION of dozens of species with NO END in SIGHT.

*FOR POSTERITY and TRANSPARENCY If the contents of this site and the MISSION STATEMENT of   seem to have taken on an “ANTI-ASIAN” feel to it, that is not the intention. MILLIONS of people of Asian descent find these practices just as disgusting as I do. But the REALITY is, THE FACTS ARE THE FACTS, AND IF THE SHOE FITS YOU MUST WEAR IT!!.  ASIA, and PRIMARILY CHINA, are the WORST OFFENDERS of ANIMAL SENTIENCE, and ENVIRONMENTAL DEGREDATION in the WORLD.  They HAVE TO BE STOPPED! Quite simply, the GOOD Asians NEED to do MORE. START by joining  .

While stating that FACT, let me add that WHITE MONEY is the BIGGEST CUSTOMER OF CHINA and therefore carries the most influence, and (70%) happened on their watch too. They are just as COMPLICIT!  Most of the TROPHY HUNTERS that killed off and made EXTINCT the (3) species of TIGERS were WHITE colonists.
To be CLEAR- CHINA dates back to as far as the (2nd Century) in terms of an organized society. The country is today the 3rd LARGEST in land mass. For the vast bulk of  history, CHINA existed under IMPERIAL RULE with various EMPERORS. It was not until (1912) that CHINA ended DYNASTIC RULE.  I point this out to merely specify that to refer to this issue as “TRADITIONAL CHINESE MEDICINE” is factually inaccurate. As mentioned, from the second century to 1912, most of CHINA’s battles and WARS were internal.
During these generations, the bulk of ASIA was COLONIZED under the rule of WHITE EUROPE. My point being the term should be “TRADITIONAL ASIAN MEDICINE”. As is the playbook for all WHITE exploration and attainment of land. The systematic GENOCIDE of CULTURES OF COLOR was unleashed across the globe. In ASIA, where BRITAIN, FRANCE, and RUSSIA were the largest colonizers, they viewed these conquered cultures as “inferior” and as such did not expose them to advances in Western medicines and advances over their time in dominance. This can be said in places like INDIA, INDONESIA, MYANMAR, SINGAPORE, and SRI LANKA. As a result, indigenous populations were left with an almost “shaman” like approach to medicines and health care through a systematic land racist lack of education.
Well, we are in 2023, and (2) MAJOR EVENTS have led to a complete change in the landscape of the planet. 
  1. The end of World War II.
  2. The fall of the Soviet Wall.

After those two events, more sovereign nations were formed than at any other time in history. The world has CHANGED. Perhaps it is called “TCM” due to the fact NO COUNTRY IN THE WORLD COULD END IT QUICKER. CHINA became the largest trade partner in the world in 2013. CHINA is the unquestioned de-facto RULER of all of ASIA, if not by geographic definition, ECONOMIC. Yet each minute of every day, atrocities occur on their watch and will continue through each generation until the INSANITY stops.

As said, if you are not aware, I am sorry for being your “MORPHEUS“, but this brutality happens EVERY YEAR. All in the name of medicine and tradition.
Of course,…….

RHINO HORN– Up to ($44,00 per KG) of the One Horned Indian Rhino, TCM-RATIONALE- Can purify water and make it drinkable, remove poison from liquids, can cure elements of CANCER, and can be an APHRODISIAC.   TRUTH- Made of KERATIN, ALL medically debunked, Accomplishes NONE of those claims. REAL REASON- A status symbol for the wealthy if they can afford to use it. Does not do ANYTHING.

TIGER BONE- Stats have already been provided. (3) species already hunted to extinction.
TCM-RATIONALE– Killed and poached to make a traditional Chinese wine believed to strengthen bones and cure arthritis.
TRUTH– Contains ZERO analgesic properties to help in any way for bone health. 
TRUTH– Same status of wealth, The other reasons are “Tiger Blood” for virility, Tiger pelts, and Big Game Hunting.

PANGOLIN SCALES– This small and harmless animal has become the MOST poached in the WORLD, with numbers being pushed towards extinction levels.
TCM-RATIONALE- Their meat is considered a delicacy for the RICH, and their scales are harvested to be used in Teas and Soups to treat ailments.
TRUTH- As with all endangered species mentioned, it is a symbol of wealth to acquire and consume these animals. No medical efficacy whatsoever. All cultural myths and ignorance.
SHARK FINNING- Easily the most EXPLOITED and ENVIRONMENTALLY IMPACTED species on EARTH. The loss of sharks in the ocean by the massive reduction of an apex predator creates an environmental unbalance that affects the entire planet’s ecosystem. Furthermore, the brutal and disgusting a human way in which the shark fin is attained in UNGODLY, in any form of religion that recognizes RIGHT and WRONG. Sharks are caught in commercial gill nets and hauled into a boat. They have their fins cut off their bodies while alive and then are thrown back into the ocean. A shark needs to move to breathe, so they sink to the ocean floor discarded as trash, and die in painful suffocation. TCM-RATIONALE-  Shark fins are used primarily to make “Shark Fin Soup”. A bland and tasteless broth that is considered a delicacy again for the “wealthy” of CHINA. Shark cartilage is yet another example of pseudo-medicine that claims it aids in the reduction of cancer cells, arthritis, and diabetes. ALL medically unsubstantiated. TRUTH- Whatever the (1%) want, they can still get. Shark Finning is BANNED by numerous countries, including CHINA. That being said, you can stroll through the wet markets of CHINA and find HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of shark fins for sale in open display. SPAIN is a huge offender in the ILLEGAL SHARK FINNING market, which generates roughly ($400 MILLION) per year to the BLACK MARKET. Over 100 MILLION SHARKS per YEAR are KILLED to support this demand.
YULIN DOG MEAT FESTIVAL ( GRAPHIC )- , as described throughout our website, has a CLEAR MISSION and VISION. As we have stated, some battles simply can’t be won.  is determined and formed with the mindset to CEASE- AT ANY COST, the profiteering of ENDANGERED SPECIES, as (Homo Sapiens) have not been given the authority or permission to remove a SENTIENT creature from EXISTENCE on the PLANET for profit.  In addition to this, holding those accountable that attempt to. We will also CHANGE and RE-THINK the way “Charities” operate and hold them accountable as well. To summarize clearly, to ORGANIZE, UNIFY, and BOYCOTT the status quo that benefits only the (1%).
I say this because “this” particular cultural practice DOES NOT fall under the task that we have at hand. It’s just really fucking HORRIBLE.
It is being mentioned for (TWO) distinct purposes.
  1. It can be argued that it is the SINGLE MOST BARBARIC EXAMPLE OF HUMAN BEHAVIOR on Earth.
  2. It revolves around “DOGS“, and (Homo Sapiens) possess a much more visceral and immediate reaction to the treatment of canines than any other animal in the world. They are the MOST POPULAR pets and animal companions on the planet. From a charity standpoint, they have the most organizations and groups of people fighting for their protection. They serve in the Military, Police Forces, and lead the Blind. They are “family” members, are on greeting cards, and studies and polls have been conducted that state if having to choose between a spouse or dog, the majority choose the DOG. Not joking.
I love my dog as both my BEST FRIEND and CONSTANT COMPANION and would do anything for him. BUT they are NOT ENDANGERED OF EXTINCTION.

Thus, falling out of our core goal, and much harder for us to combat. It’s like arguing a religion at that point, with no moral high ground beyond barbarism.
This makes this HORRIBLE CULTURAL PRACTICE, once again, based on centuries-old BULLSHIT, that much harder to comprehend and stomach.

Each year, in our favorite place of CHINA, in the province of YULIN, GUANGXI, there is a (10) day “FESTIVAL” that commences. 

During this time frame, the eating of LYCHEES and DOG MEAT is celebrated. As mentioned, with the bond that humans have with dogs, this event has indeed garnered international condemnation and attention. Even from the (1%) as they do not PROFIT from this event.

During this macabre and disgusting event, dogs are not merely eaten, they are TORTURED.
The ludicrous justification is that the TORTURE acts as a MEAT TENDERIZER.  The meat will taste better as a result of the animal experiencing PAIN and SUFFERING before preparing.
Dogs are tethered around the neck and swung around violently until their neck breaks, or they suffocate. All to the cheers of gathering crowds.
Dogs are also dropped into vats of boiling water while alive.
A picture is worth a thousand words.
We applaud the “difference makers” that have shone a light on this issue and continue to do so.
However, like our mantra states, it has not been enough, and “WE” have FAILED as it still occurs.

Continuing on the topic of “Archaic Cultural Traditions”, as shown so disgustingly with YULIN.

I want to be utterly transparent and true in relation to these “traditions”.

Not removing ourselves from the FACTS that Asian countries and traditions are accountable for representing the LARGEST DEMAND, therefore the LARGEST THREAT in regard to what we aim to stop, other nations CAN and DO contribute to the sickening continuance of MURDER based off a “self-imposed” HUMAN right to do so. And in most cases, it is continued with utter un-observance of established law. 


Unlike countries within Africa that are riddled with poverty, disease, lack of education, and an unstable government, the residents of this independent territory of DENMARK live well. With an average yearly wage, the equivalent of ($60,000 USD), they are WELL ABOVE the global average.

That being said, every year they hold a centuries old tradition of “penning and slaughtering” PILOT WHALES” in the same manner as demonstrated in “TAIJI” JAPAN, as memorialized in the Academy Award winning documentary “THE COVE“. ( As is the case with “Blackfish”, if you have not watched, please do). In something that quite simply, can only be called “Blood Lust“. While “PILOT WHALES” are far from an “Endangered Species“, numbers have still indeed plummeted inline with the rest of life since 1970, with an estimated (69%) population decline. This species is “PROTECTED” under the laws of the UK and the EU respectively, but the “independent” status of this country allows it to simply ignore any attempts to cease its continuance.

In the true definition of “slaughter”, there is no sport or fishing trade or skill utilized in this event. The whales pods are simply penned up in nets and slowly dragged towards the shore. At which time, ANYONE can partake in the slaughter. Using all manner of weapons that are internationally prohibited, residents including children, batter these CETACEANS in the head. The scene very quickly becomes a vision of sheer brutality, and the HOMO SAPIEN observed in it’s worst form. Sheer “Bloodsport”, and a justified slaughter based off outdated and archaic values. 

GILL NETTING:  ( EVERY Country in the World )

I love RHINOS, and FINGERNAIL is committed to “Operation Triage as the inaugural initiative for our MEMBERS. 

But the REALITY and unquestioned biggest threat to the Earth and our way of life as a whole, is the manner in which we treat the oceans. 


Future generations simply won’t have the seafood levels as previous generations, and people are living longer now than at any other time in history. At some point in time the math will NOT ADD UP.    And THIS particular practice of corporatized for profit fishing, fueled by the ineffective policy making and policing of such by the entire planet is to blame. 

The thing about “Gill Netting” is it is a centuries old practice as opposed to a pole and a line. It’s obvious that method simply is now a practice of sport and has no role in the mass production and sale of seafood. In some cases, seafood makes up the inordinate amount of the GDP (Gross Domestic Product) for certain countries. Combine that economic necessity with the cultural norms that have existed for generations, it is easy to surmise that eventually there will be a tipping point. “Gill Netting” in some way, shape, or form is used across the globe. Anywhere a body of water exists that is home to sea life that can have a price attached to it. The process of “Gill Netting” is it does NOT just catch the intended species fisheries are licensed for, the act as a giant trap in the oceans that catch EVERYTHING   they touch. They are the main cause in the reduction of several species MOST NOTABLY MILLIONS of sharks.

CITES– the internationally appointed and recognized agency that was formed to oversee these practices, actually passed an International Law at the Hague at the UNITED NATIONS GENERAL ASSEMBLY  ( United Nations General Assembly Resolution 46/215[ called for the cessation of all “large-scale pelagic drift-net fishing” in international waters by the end of 1992.)  

Sounds great, but what good is a law that is insufficiently enforced? When the penalty for breaking it is dwarfed by the riches of continuing it’s practice? Through loopholes and bribes and all manners or circumvention, “Gill Netting” continues to this very day.

The term used for the species that meet their death through the use of these nets is referred to as “BYCATCH“. This is a WORD that every person should know. It is the term appropriate to ALL of the SPECIES  that are essentially caught by ACCIDENT through the use of this technique. 

In the USA- “BYCATCH” is determined by the NOAA- National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.       

In 2016- the NOAA   developed the ” 2016 National Bycatch Reduction Strategy“. This was great news and showed that the danger and recognition of “BYCATCH” had to be addressed and addressed quickly. On their own website it states “ in coordination with our partners and stakeholders, will develop implementation plans by 2017”           It’s 2024.     Enough of the BULLSHIT and PATRONIZING PACIFICATION!!!!!!

100 MILLION SHARKS KILLED in 2023.   You have not done shit!   Your TAX dollars people. Where is the accountability?

Magnuson-Stevens Fishery Conservation and Management Act (MSA), the Marine Mammal Protection Act (MMPA), the Endangered Species Act (ESA), and even the Shark Fin Sales Elimination Act of 2022, they all just amount to words on paper without enforcement. In other worlds BULLSHIT to foll the public.

Acknowledging the problem, and doing nothing to truly stop it is insulting on so many levels to those that care. And this is just in OUR COUNTRY.

When looking at a Globe, you see how big the problem truly is. 

When there is this much money at stake, countries look for loopholes. Since 1991 there has been an UN Instituted Ban on “Gill Netting” in GLOBAL or INTERNATIONAL WATERS.  Yet permitted in 200 Coastal Miles of the Independent Nations. An IMPOSSIBLE rule to enforce and PUNISH PROPERLY.

As mentioned, there are too many countries that utilize this method DESPITE bans across the world. 

The main being is that the very “BYCATCH” trying to be avoided makes up the BLACK MARKET DEMAND for “Finning”


To put it bluntly, the OCEANS WOULD DIE AND CEASE BEING A RELIABLE FOOD SOURCE FOR MANKIND WITHOUT SHARKS!  PERIOD.  While the ORCA KILLER WHALE is the most DOMINANT APEX SPECIES on the planet, in that it has no other threat beyond humans that can harm it. And it is also not part of any other living creature’s direct food source. They are also geographically limited in where they are found. The “SHARK” is the top of the food chain among fish.   There are also over (500) different species of sharks that occupy waters all over the planet. Without their existence the ENTIRE ECO-SYSTEM that exists can fall out of balance. That includes other species in the food chain, the health of the coral reef systems, and sea grass levels. And despite that importance, over (100 MILLION) are killed each calendar year. As covered on this site, all in the name of satiating an ILLEGAL yet UNPUNISHED trafficking of SHARK FINS.

A child can decipher that when the punishment is less than the gain, there is no true mandate to stop. In other words, “the juice is worth the squeeze

PERU-  has long been the biggest OFFENDER and EXPORTER of shark fins. With BRAZIL   surpassing the regular offenders of CHINA, INDONESIA, JAPAN, SRI LANKA, URUGUAY, SPAIN, and PORTUGAL as its main consumers. All for the demand produced by “SHARK FIN SOUP

While Governing Bodies of Nations have openly recognized the issue this presents to the planet and future generations as a whole, NOTHING  is done from a policing standpoint to prevent it. Somehow, someway, a MULTI-BILLION DOLLAR ILLEGAL CONTRABAND can be openly found sold in markets.


The numbers of sharks that have been killed is literally a hypothesis at this point in time and almost incalculable. Seems like a huge price to pay in order for a “wealthy” person to consume this:

Today there are hundreds of species of sharks that have seen their numbers drop to ENDANGERED and THREATENED levels.

This brings us to a practice that encapsulates what best demonstrates the entire ETHOS and EDUCATIONAL POINT that FINGERNAIL is trying to convey to the entire environmental and Wildlife importance loving population. The convergence of the factors that allow this practice to happen is what is truly sickening.


Throughout this website, in the basis of all the text, is the fact that ENDANGERED SPECIES CHARITY   as presently organized and enforced is NOT MAKING A DIFFERENCE. I am well aware that is a polarizing statement given the work and dedication done over decades by the men and women that literally volunteer their time and talents to do so. FINGERNAIL  is not a personal indictment or attack on the majority of these institutions. What we are ESTABLISHING and PROMOTING CLEARLY   backed up by scientific data, mathematical facts, and a 100-year sample size of failed efforts despite being well intentioned. And what is further vomit inducing, is the corporatization of worldwide charities that literally have become more of a business than what is intended. 

CHARITIES“, we argue are currently run to make the DONOR feel good. By being altruistic and donating to a worthy cause, you feel that at the end of the transaction you have contributed to something HUMAN, WORTHWHILE, and GOOD

FINGERNAIL  is saying these “methods” have had a CENTURY to bear results and they HAVE NOT.

The (70%) LOSS OF LIFE was not pulled out of thin air. It is universally recognized. 


Which brings us back to the practice of “TROPHY HUNTING“. When growing up, a “trophy” was awarded to someone who exhibited or showed an act of “skill” in the form of “competition“. I know, because I won many of them. FOR SOCCER and TRACK. I practiced everyday. Put years into my craft, and by 13-15 was one of the best in my county. My father was a scholarship athlete at the UNIVERSITY of DAYTON, and was my private coach. The practices were hard, the work was real, and it paid off. In the end I won a little plastic gold man on a marble base. And I was content with that.

Earlier on this site, we mentioned the “MASAI”- an African native tribe in the Tanzania area. For centuries their tribe would “HUNT” Lions. As we mentioned, this was done for protection when the PRIDE was too close to their villages, and also argued as a right of passage yet never proven. After 2/3rd’s of the race was wiped out to smallpox and other diseases, the hunting of a LION was truly reduced to the protection of the tribe. 

As also mentioned earlier on this site, FINGERNAIL is NOT ANTI-HUNTING!!!! .   There are LEGITAMATE CASES  where “hunting” or “culling” under the supervision of Game and Wildlife Commissions are needed to control the OVER-POPULATION of specific species that meet specific criteria. 

HUNTING in AMERICA ,  is indeed a part of geographical culture and history. It is also a BILLION dollar enterprise with stores like CABELAS’s and BASS PRO that cater to this demographic. While hunting may not be a personal joy to animal lovers, it is NEEDED, NOT-ILLEGAL, NOT LOWERING NUMBERS OF ENDANGERED SPECIES, and in many cases is a POSITIVE in aiding the environmental balance. 

In “MEDIA“on the homepage, please read Board Member;KEVIN SZYMANSKI’s   editorial on the need for hunting when dealing with “invasive species“.

FINGERNAIL is highly optimistic on obtaining members and sponsors from the responsible hunting community that can clearly see the difference between what they do and what we are fighting. 

In the UNITED STATES, there are few species that are CRITICALLY THREATENED or ENDANGERED, and ALL are protected by legislation. NONE are openly hunted.

That being said-  1) RED WOLF   2) SAN JOAQUIN FOX and 3) WOODLAND CARIBOU are extremely close to EXTINCTION, and can be killed due to an inability to differentiate from other species. That is where the EDUCATION comes in. 

However, the responsible hunting of DEER, COYOTES, RABBITS, SQUIRRELS, TURKEYS, QUAIL, DUCK. among others is NOT the problem.

Point in FACT, they are done by “actual” hunting entusiasts in most cases and done so responsibly.

In Kevin’s piece you will see that particulary in one of the “Wonders of the World”, the FLORIDA EVERGLADES, the eco-system is in a perilous situation due to the introduction of not only INVASIVE species, but APEX PREDATORS that threaten and change the entire population of one of the most diverse places on the planet. So, HUNTING, true HUNTING, has a role. 

TROPHY HUNTING has ABSOLUTELY ZERO ROLE in civilized society. This practice occurs when the “Sport” of hunting is removed from the equation, and it is merely the KILLING of a SPECIES THAT IS ENDANGERED and DOING SO IS A SYMBOL OF PRIVLEGE AND AVARICE FOR THE WEALTHY.

It is ECONOMIC PRIVLEGE and NOTHING ELSE.  Your NOT waiting in a “blind”, your generally NOT “tracking” the animal, and your NOT pursuing the animal for food.  More than likely, you are in an air-conditioned vehicle, with a large caliber weapon, and have paid a professional tracker to locate an already captured animal on private land. THEN YOU PULL A TRIGGER.    Hardly a “hunter” by any definition. Simply a KILLER that took the life of something incredibly precious for in the end is a PICTURE.

FINGERNAIL   has spent a great deal of copy on our website educating our readers and future members on the WIDENING of the ECONOMIC GAP in the WORLD, without making this a POLITICAL ISSUE. Furthermore, we refuse to ever entangle ourselves to any political affiliation. This is a very simple HISTORICAL and MATHEMATICAL issue. The act of “TROPHY HUNTING” is an expensive activity. We inquired into (13) different charters that offer them, and they generally START at ($1,000) per day, and go up from there depending on time of stay and species.  We then inquired into the AVERAGE stay, and it is a week. So ($7,000) to start. Generally, not inclusive of travel. There are also “levels” of ” accommodations” that can lead to even HIGHER COSTS OF PARTICIPATION. In the case of what is called “CANNED HUNTING” you are not even killing a “wild” animal. You are “killing” an animal bred and raised on private property with no developed survival skills, which is then released for the sole purpose of being shot for FUN. This is UNDOUBTEDLY an activity for the WEALTHY (1%) . It is an activity almost wholly driven by the demand of

RICH WHITE AMERICANS which comprise over (90%) of the TROPHY HUNTING consumers.

We are not even going to dignify the FAKE MATH that suggests that “TROPHY HUNTING” is actually a BENEFIT to the CONSERVATION of ENDANGERED SPECIES by creating a revenue stream around it. The numbers have more holes in it than Swiss cheese, and they somehow never seem to get the opinion of the RHINO, ELEPHANT, or LION. It SOLELY benefits the guides, safaris, and consumers that engage in it.

In the same manner ASIAN possession of Rhino Horn and Ivory, or the consumption of Shark Fin soup is a sign of opulence and hubris, the same entitled itch is scratched with the head of a LION, TIGER, ELEPHANT, or RHINO is on the wall of a WEALTHY WHITE PERSON.

Notice anything similar? I just need to know how the HIPPO beat the LION out of the water????  WEALTHY WHITE PEOPLE that just like to KILL.



NEM THUONG PIG FESTIVAL –      VIETNAM   “Killing Pigs while spread out alive.”

TORO JUBLIO FESTIVAL-                SPAIN           “Lighting the horns of bulls of fire.”

We mention these as sickening atrocities, yet regrettably NOT the focus of FINGERNAIL.

This EDUCATION, represents the finality of this ENEMY. 


We have done all the work, we have provided you with the information. We want you to spend your HARD EARNED MONEY to LIVE and GET by, and NOT give it away to a system and culture that has FAILED for over 100 YEARS.

Don’t be played by the system that pulls at your heart strings and tells you your money will make a difference.  IT HASNT, and IT WONT. 

WE JUST WANT YOU!!!!  Spread the word. Share the information. Observe the hypocrisy. Help us have literally MILLIONS of voices join ours.

The easiest “CHARITY” you will ever join. Actually, we are not a “charity”, we are a “movement” and we DEMAND change for our future.

It only take a CLICK.

My friends and members- THAT is your POWER, and that is .
Thank You.