Why Sispimx?​​


SISPI MX– is NOT a corporation that hires someone, gives them a shirt and calls them a “Driver”. We are NOT a corporation that puts someone in a uniform and calls them “Security”. SISPI MX– simply stated, is for the client that requires a menu of services and offerings that align themselves with a (5 Star Experience). We incorporate a “PERSONAL” Security and Destination Management experience that is designed around “YOUR” personal needs while here. It is not simply what SISPI MX does, it is what others do not.

1) SISPI MX is the ONLY security corporation legally licensed and observed by the Government of Mexico to offer ARMED PROTECTION SERVICES in the state. No other service provider can make that claim, and no other has done as much to earn it. SISPI MX– holds itself to a much higher standard. We are a Bi-Lingual service in BOTH Spanish and English to provide comfort and clarity. Our ARMED Protection Agents are trained using Military standards and are re-evaluated every (6) months. Weapons are concealed to not attract attention, and agents are dressed in the same manner.

2) Oftentimes while travelling in Mexico, cars are asked to be pulled over by Municipal Police vehicles. The vehicles operated by SISPI MX are equipped with license plates that are awarded by the Federal Government. Once again, SISPI MX is the ONLY Private Security and Destination Management operation to possess these direct access plates in Baja California Sur. These reduce our delays on the road to traffic, and aid in the planning of our itineraries.

3) We pride ourselves by assuring your experience in Cabo is free from any worry or inorganization. We are a progressive service company that is constantly looking for new ways to serve our client base. ALL of our active agents are also trained in basic Emergency Medical Procedures by certified professionals. They are again, re-tested during a calendar year. This is inclusive of basic CPR, all the way up to the operation of a Defibrillator.

4) SISPI MX is the best and most comprehensive in CABO due to the planning and thought that goes into our services. Once you choose SISPI MX, you are assigned a Security Concierge that is available to you 24/7 throughout engagement period. Any questions or concerns, you call that dedicated number. This is not a number for the company, but a number dedicated to you and your family specifically for your needs during your stay.

5) You choose your needs in the pre-planning phase, and we assure they are fulfilled. We do NOT operate like other services in the region, because we are NOT like other services in the region. We bring first world technology and safety protocols that go far beyond what would be normally expected. Once an itinerary is developed to suit your needs, we have a process and protocol for deviations or changes. The client MUST contact their concierge directly and agree to any changes AFTER an itinerary is finalized. Additionally, if any change requests involve the activity of a MINOR, the client must sign an addendum directing us to do so. The safety of our clientele is the FIRST and LAST PRIORITY at SISPI MX.