Worldwide Corporate Greed that Crush Charities

Corporations posting record profits off the systemic death of wildlife, with no sustainable plan to stop.

For the last century, as the world has grown in population, the raping of the Earth has continued. With each generation getting worse in it’s attempt to leave the planet a better place for generations to follow. MILLENIALS and GEN-Z, this is your opportunity to show your worth. The BABY BOOMERS and GEN-X have left you with SHIT. It is incredibly harder to be you than it was to be me. And here is where I will get 100% REAL with everyone who joins At no point in time has there been a bigger discrepancy between the RICH and the POOR. There are more “slaves” today than there were during any other time on Earth. There are simply more people, and the definition has changed. Now they are called IMMIGRANTSREFUGEES, and HOMELESS. I see clearly what my eyes behold. Systematic positioning of power on Earth that does not apply to what Political Party, Religion, or Country you occupy. And that is why was born, to educate EVERYONE and to save the Earth in the process.

RICH and WEALTHY people want you STUPIDREAD IT UNTIL YOU BELIEVE IT.!  The LESS you know the better for the STATUS QUO. You have already learned 70% of life simply TAKEN since 1970. MILLENIALS, GEN-Z…….TAKEN from YOU. How confident are you that you will make enough money to retire? Do you feel the opportunities simply are not there? What do you think AI will do to the job opportunities. If you fail to break the glass ceiling of the 1% and have either inherited wealth or the chance to get one of the 1% jobs, where will you be?  Sure, it is like an ongoing joke now, but how many times are you going to call CUSTOMER SERVICE for Google, Apple, AT@T, etc and hear a foreign voice with an AMERICAN name?

My home state of Florida is a great example. When growing up $100K a year was the mark of passage, a pathway to success and the American Dream. Today you can barely rent a 2BR apartment with that salary in a good neighborhood, let alone by a home. The beautiful library I grew up with downtown is a homeless camp. Filled with the poor, psychiatrically ill, and drug addicted that seemingly exist in EVERY American city. I know all too well of the state, and how we got there. How everyone got there in 2008. See, your generation were pups back then. Living at home, going to school, ignorant to what was happening around you.

I’m gonna make it easier for ALL of you, since I refer to movies all the time. Watch “The Big Short“, “Margin Call“, or “Too Big To Fail“. Then realize none of them are FICTION, you were just too young to care or notice. Like when I was young during the Cold War. I knew something was happening, but nothing to stop me from playing soccer.  In 2008 the US Financial System came within hours of a collapse that would have made the world look like “Mad Max“. The GREED fueled and callous way in which the banks (pretty much ALL of them) handled your parents’ money was criminal. Loosely and irresponsibly playing with the money your Mothers and Father’s planned to retire on. Their 401K’s and Pensions were just numbers on paper that got passed around, and passed around, and passed around. The banks were selling products and giving advice to an UNEDUCATED demographic, that demonstrated their own form of GREED. And that is when the bottom fell out.

As I mentioned before, this issue goes beyond political parties as what has become known as “The Bailouts” occurred with the FED or FEDERAL RESERVE which is supposed to monitor the banks. I say it’s not political, because there were (2), under both  Republican and Democratic administrations.

The first was $700 BILLION, with the second being $787 BILLION. Almost $1.5 TRILLION put into circulation to pay for the FAILURES of the banks and their CEO’s. And even with the passing of the “Dodd-Frank Act”, which promised the banks and NOT the taxpayers would pay the burden of future failures, the AMERICAN CONSUMER  paid the majority of that money. And it is still being felt to this day almost 20 years later.   YOUR GENERATIONS paying for the sins of others.   And that is not even the worse part of this genesis for  because those same C.E.O’s that almost ruined your families, ALL received HUGE and DISGUSTING “GOLDEN PARACHUTES” in severance packages to the tune of HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS OF DOLLARS.  Paid by AMERICAN CONSUMERS.  Truly, all of them should go straight to HELL. FULD, MOZILLO, …….ALL of them.

It was the most puke inducing time in American history for the American middle class. The Teachers, Public Employees, the Small Business Owners who were watching their futures go out the window, and now getting shit rubbed in our faces.

Another movie reference here that may shed some light on things. “SEVEN” is a classic 90’s movie about the “seven deadly sins”. AGAIN, not religious bias, but I use this reference for point. Though never mentioned in particular order in the Bible, they appear often in PROVERBS. I have read EVERY book of theology, and if you prescribe to a certain religion I would encourage you to know what you follow.  They do want us STUPID. The more versed and accepted writings of the “Seven Deadly Sins” are attributed more to JOHN MILTON in the book “Paradise Lost“. Not a fun read, but you should do fine. I only bring this up due to a difference in opinion I have with one of my Board of Directors.

Many people interpret Milton as defining and going into detail about the things “God” hates most, even though the Bible says you are forgiven for them. It is read as a cautionary tale to scare people away from those acts.  I however disagree. Just read them. Most people outside of “murder” have committed 6 of them. My theory is he is NOT saying what we should avoid, I think he is saying what we already ARE. These are things we need to improve upon to curry favor with “God” and that they are already things inside of us. And to ME, speaking for myself, NONE is MORE VILE THAN GREED.

Think of your children and potential grandchildren as I share more education and FACTS, the beautiful people do not want you to know and fully understand. That GREED that was shown in 2008, is still alive and well now and most can’t see it. Older generations are working longer to retire at menial jobs as SSN does not cut it. If it doesn’t cut it for them, what do you think it will be for your loved ones? The average worker at a public company will have to work 67 years for what their C.E.O makes in 2. C.E.O to worker compensation has increased to 399-1 on average  . The gap just widens every single year.

Remember that thing a couple of years ago called COVID? Remember how it shut down our nation and essentially the world? People were hurting, people were hungry, people were scared, I want you to think of that 399/1 average, and then look at the size of the “Golden Parachutes” these people received for leaving their jobs. And ask yourself if we as a nation deserved more than the $1200 base before children, that we needed to wait to receive?? Every taxpaying American could have got $10K, and it wouldn’t have made a dent in the 1%.

Now you might be asking, Why did I go off on this economic tangent, when I am trying to save the RHINO? It’s because I’m tired of seeing the commercials, and the emotional music asking the 99% to help out and send in money, when I KNOW IT’S DOING NOTHING.  They are playing on our emotions and GOOD will, but the truth is it is harder and harder to write that check. And knowing we have and 70% died anyway, something HAS to change. “CHARITY” and “ALTRUISM” are some of the best qualities Homo Sapiens have. The ability to do good for someone or something else, and do so in a selfless meaningful way. But when “CHARITIES” become corporatized. and progress is never really made, you need to look at the SYSTEM. Don’t get me started on Pharmaceutical and Medical Diseases……..with BIG PHARMA buying companies and right to experimental drugs that will never get to human trials or approved by the FDA. The money is in the TREATMENT not the CURE. Name the last disease that was cured? My Mother died of Cancer.

is NOT merely a Rhino initiative.  That is just where we are starting. I can’t stomach another picture like the one of “SUDAN”.

What are OVERALL GOAL is, to be a COMPLETELY FREE source of EDUCATION to empower people to MANDATE, and DEMAND that those with the POWERMONEY, and RESOURCES to IMMEDIATELY start to change this planet for the better. As it is incumbent upon them for future generations. The Earth is NOT one GIANT ATM for the WEALTHY. Actions or lack thereof have consequences. So I ask you, if you can get through reading this site and all we disseminate, can you truly not use the LAST INFLUENCE you have left, YOUR VOICE and DECISIONSto scream for better protection of the planet??? You know, the one we live on too.